Shared office

Day office & workplaces

- Full furnished office & workstations

- Hourly rental on short call

- Your personal movable storage container on demand

- No binding contract - no deposit

- DSL, (W)-LAN, telefon/fax, scanner, printer, coffemashine...


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Personal Office Space 27m² (Netto 490,00 €/Monat)


Renting an office with maildrop24 avoids long term rental contracts and saves you the investment in fixed assets as well as personal expenses.

You can rent our office space in Stuttgart, Germany for few months. You can avoid costly moves and expenses for new network connections, telephone lines and stationary.

maildrop24 also offers you a personal movable storage container for your documents and fully-furnished offices with telephones and internet connection.

No contract terms, no commitment, no Deposit (only prepayment)



583.10 / month(s) *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus porto