What is a Mail drop?

A Mail Drop is a facility that allows you to use their street mailing address to collect mail in your name or
company name without having to rent an office or employ staff p With maildrop24 you will get a street address
at which you can receive letters and we will forward them to anywhere in the world.







Who use maildrop24?

Everyone who needs that somebody receives his/her post and parcels, while, at work, travelling, shopping,
sightseeing, Individual local citizens who no longer want to miss their letters and/or parcel deliveries
while working, travelling or away from home. Web shoppers who need or prefer to receive their parcels in Germany.

Frequent travellers who need to know immediately about

the receipt of letters or parcels.
Corporate local business customers seeking to
outsource their mailroom activities.
Overseas individuals who need the service
of a mail drop in Europe.
Overseas corporate customers which
need a European mail forwarding service.


What is a virtual office, who uses it?

People who often travel and do not have the need for
a physical office space; Individuals working from home
but require a business establishment; Those who require
an office identity but work on a limited budget;
Those who require several international locations for
business; New business start-ups who cannot yet
justify the cost of setting up a permanent office.
Virtual office is web based so you can manage them from everywhere and every time.
You get with the virtual office package the permission
to register your business at our Address. The package also includes street address, and mail forwarding,
Notification via email.
informing you about the letters received ,
your own mailbox at our location with 24 hour access,
your own German telephone and fax number

and on demand a physically day office with your own movable storage container.




How should I, my suppliers, partners and friends address my mail?


This mailing address you can use:

Mailing address personal

Business address

Virtual office

Your name
c./o. maildrop24
XXXstrasse X
70499 Stuttgart


Your name/ company

XXXstrasse X
70499 Stuttgart


Your name/ company

XXXstrasse X
70499 Stuttgart





When can I start to use your service and give my new address to suppliers and partners?

Just after order you will get an e-mail informing you and after receipt paymentand the postal authorisation your Service will be within
24 hours active and maildrop24 will begin to receive letters and parcels for you.
(depending on the service you have chosen)


What are the maximum parcels dimensions that can I receive?


Parcels with a max dimension of 100cm x 60 cm x 60 cm and a maximum weight of 31,5 kg.


Can I also send COD or POD shipments (cash on delivery, pay on delivery) and also receive


registered letters?

Yes, of course. Upon consultation maildrop24 and if you depose enough Porto credit we will accept
although COD/POD shipments.
Please notify that we need in this case a sign postal authorisation from you. >>Authorisation


Why I need a Porto credit?


Our prices are inclusive VAT and packing but exclusive shipping costs. The actual postage cost will be taken
from your postage deposit.. >>Overview shipping costs




How can I recharge my postage credit?

All you need to do is put the item `postal credit´ in your basket and choose your preferred delivery method.
You can decide how much credit you want to buy or set the time for the pick-up of your shipments.



What happened with unconsumed postal credit?

Of course, the amount will be refunded to your. Please give us your bank details (only German bank account)



Can I send higher quantities to this address for pick up or forwarding?

We proceed on the assumption that your average of 70 letters and 5 parcels at month not will be exceeded.
Should be your volume above the usual please consult us.



What type of goods can I have forwarded to me?

Anything that is not banned by the country of origin, European and local customs and post office authorities.
If it is banned, the authorities will confiscate it, and we will be forced to immediately cancel your account.


Do you open my mail?

Only if your order includes this instruction and you gave us before a signed authorisation to open your mail or
parcel to scan it or to re- packing it, we are allowed to open your shipments only with >>Authorisation


How do you treat confidentiality?

The staff of maildrop24 is under written commitment and contractual obligation to handle clients’ instructions,
messages, phone calls, faxes, letters, emails with the utmost secrecy and not to disclose any client-related

information to a third party. Each staff member


of maildrop24 is checked by local authorities and instructed
about data security and postal privacy. All staff members must provide a


faultless certificate of good conduct
from the police, before taking up employment.


In which country you do you ship and which deliverer you engage?


Mail forwarding is at maildrop24 international. Security and deliver reliability are one of the most important
and required qualifications for us. So we excluding work with reputable partners like:
Deutsche Post, GLS, DHL, GO, UPS, FedEx, DPD,



How often will you forward to me?


Normally as selected by yourself: daily, weekly or monthly.


Letter will be daily scanned

Daily forwarding

Shipment will be send daily mo.-fr.

Weekly forwarding

Shipments will be send weekly every friday

Monthly forwarding

Shipment will be send last friday every month


Is a business registration possible?

Yes, you get with the virtual office package the permission to register your business at our Address.
We can support you in your matter of business please >>contact us

Can I open a bank account using your address?

Yes, of course, you can use your mailing address like any other. During the therm you can use it for example for:

-Business card
-Letter paper
-Lottery cards
-Marketing documents
-Imprint website
-Bank accounts

….and much more

How long is the minimum contract duration?

We simply want satisfy you with our service and not link you with long time binding contract. So our value is on
a short term run time.


Minimum contract period 

iMPRINT Special

6 months

Personal mailing address

3 months

Business address

3 months

6 months with personal mailbox

Virtual office package

12 month (with business registration)


The agreement, including agreement about services that are paid for, will automatically be renewed for the minimum appropriate amount of time (e.g. 3, 6, 12 months), unless the Customer cancels the agreement at least 30 calendar days before the end of the agreement (the date it expires). .


How can I get started and what required Documents do I need to send?


Step 1. Choose which service you want to use and order online.

Step 2. Choose in the basket the way how you want to pay and the amount of your postal credit and as request
other instructions for us.

Step 3. You will receive an email with a link to the postal authorisation, please fill in and signed it and send
via mail or fax back to us.

It's that simple!


Can I pick up my shipments in person?

Only with the add on own personal mailbox



What payment methods you accept?

maildrop24 accept payment through the most well known e-payment systems:

  • PayPal
  • Paypal express
  • Bank Wire
  • cash



What if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.