Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions pertain to all contracts, agreements and business deal(ing)s between maildrop24 and its Clients (each client being referred to as the "Customer" from hereon in).  In the event that there is an existing contract, agreement or business relationship between the Customer and maildrop24 and the Customer wishes to enlarge the sphere of activity or engage in a new business relationship or services, these terms and conditions shall hold valid (the existing contract and terms and agreement shall hold valid).

These terms and conditions are valid for all Customers and transactions, even if the relevant sphere of activity (or location or use of services) extends outside of German territory.

Persons under the age of 18 are excluded from maildrop24 services and the use of its products and properties.

It is not possible to make use of maildrop24 services without agreeing to the terms and conditions.  By clicking on the "Yes" tickbox, in response to the question "Have you read and do you agree to the terms and conditions?"/statement "I have read and accept the terms and conditions", the Customer agrees to and shows they have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined here.  The terms and conditions then become part of the contract or agreement between the Customer and maildrop24.

Agreement Overview

maildrop24 is a provider of postal services, mail-drop services, postal administration and management services, business advice; in addition to renting out office space on a short-term basis.

Services and Agreement

Customers can gain access to services and offers exclusively via the online order form.  Completed orders/completion of orders require(s) confirmation from maildrop24 either in writing or via telex, in order to be legally acceptable and valid.

Pictures, illustrations, diagrams and other payment details are only legally binding if this has been expressly sanctioned in writing.

Maildrop24 employees are not authorised to make verbal (oral) agreements or deals or give verbal (oral) assurances that go outside of and beyond the written contract or agreement.


After placing an order, the Customer will receive an e-mail in response, confirming that their details have gone through.  After payment details have gone through, the customer will recieve another e-mail, confirming payment and acknowledging that the agreement is in place.  The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all details are true and correct at the time of registering and ordering.

Agreement Start and Duration

The agreement comes into effect for the Customer as soon as they have completed their order.  maildrop24 has the right to insist on advance payment without giving any reasons.  maildrop24 reserves the right to refuse orders without giving any reasons.  In cases where orders have been refused, the agreement is no longer in force.


Sending the online order form electronically implies that the Customer accepts the agreement terms and conditions.  The Customer will then be sent an electronic confirmation message by maildrop24, confirming payment, which contains the essential agreement details, including those to do with the start of the agreement, the duration of the agreement and the specific terms for the services the Customer has signed up for, unless the Customer has already been sent these.


The agreement, including agreement about services that are paid for, will automatically be renewed for the minimum appropriate amount of time (e.g. 3, 6, 12 months), unless the Customer cancels the agreement at least 30 calendar days before the end of the agreement (the date it expires).Each time, the maintenance period will be tacitly extended again for the original period, unless one of the parties terminates the Agreement in writing, with a period of notice of one month before the end of the period concerned. 


The Customer will be informed of the appropriate length of the agreement once they have chosen, during their first order, and upon receipt of the agreement confirmation message.



maildrop24 reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time, even during the minimum duration period of the agreement.


Refunds shall not be issued, where the agreement has been prematurely cancelled by the Customer.  In the event of an infringement or violation of one or more of any of the points in this agreement by a contract signatory, the other party reserves the right to cancel the agreement forthwith or at any point.


Prices and Payment Terms and Conditions


The prices identified by the service provider and those which are cited in the e-mail confirmation are official, proper and conclusive.  Prices depend on and go by the fees as per each contract/agreement.  They go alongside a monthly charge, which covers the services that maildrop24 provide, along with one-off or individual charges, depending on the services or usage of the Customer.  Additional fees are settled seperately.


maildrop24 reserves the right to increase prices, in cases where it incurs (increased) costs from third parties (e.g. postal services operators, telephone network operators, mobile communications operators) or from cost factors incurred by or during everyday business activities.  maildrop24 will inform the Customer of any changes in fees in writing.


1) Up-to-date, current prices for orders and services generally are published online on the maildrop24 website.  maildrop24 reserves the right to change the prices at any time.  In the event of a change in price, current customers who might be affected would be informed by the appropriate means.

2) The prices published online are valid for all new agreements and newly-struck agreements.  The prices published online are valid and apply to all renewed agreements, from the time of the renewal.  Any changes in price, whether they profit the customer or not, are valid for the duration of the newly-renewed contract.  Refunds for payments already made are not possible in any way.

3) Settlement of payments due to maildrop24 happens on a yearly or quarterly basis, depending on the choice of the Customer from the time they place their order (the agreement starts on the date that the Customer places their order).

4) There will be some advance payments.  Payment is only possible via the following two means: one of the payment methods available during the ordering process; by arranging it with maildrop24.

5) The payment period amounts to 7 days (net).

Delivery shall, unless otherwise agreed, only with selected transit service by example maildrop24 Deutsche Post AG, DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, GLS, DPD, GO, Iloxx, TNT, etc. The customer commits to the handling, transport and transport agreements of the transit service providers.

At the request of the customers are against separate pay deliveries in his name and on his insurance bill or delivery items accepted but a sufficient postage assets (cash in advance) require.
If maildrop24 non-compliance with binding deadlines and dates promised to represent or be in default, the customer is entitled to a delay compensation in the amount of ½% for each full week of the delay, but not more than a total of up to 5% of the invoice value of the defaulting affected supplies and services, but this is the third delay by example Delivery service providers not affected. Any further claims are excluded, unless the delay is based on at least gross negligence of maildrop24.
maildrop24 is too partial shipments and benefits at any time, unless the partial delivery or partial performance for the customer is not of interest.
Izvedeni not paid and paid, appointments with the customer maildrop24 binding commitments to performance. If the customer appointments is not a compensation claims of any kind.
Use Agreement of leased property and leased premises

The customer agrees to the rental property and rental spaces sorgfaltsgemäß to treat, especially the references to the proper use of the leased thing (instructions for use, warnings, etc.) where such maildrop24 made available, and to consider the lease only thing accordingly to use. In the case of ambiguities, the customer before commissioning or use of the rented property / rental spaces appropriate for maildrop24 about the proper use of information.

The customer is liable for damage to the rented property / leased premises, through violation of his obligations Obhuts and duties of care culpably causes. Changes or deterioration of the rental thing / leased premises caused by the use of contractual be achieved, the customer is not responsible. This is especially true for wear parts.
The customer has maildrop24 a possible shortage of rental matter immediately. Under the absence of a display, the customer has the resulting damage to replace. Where maildrop24 for this reason no remedy can maildrop24 not liable for damages due to the lack of the rented property or other matters.
A sub-letting is not permitted. The customer is obliged to hire the matter / leased space at the end of the rental period to maildrop24 returned in the condition in which he received them from maildrop24 or vorgefunden. Is the customer the rental thing is not back, it may maildrop24 for the duration of the amount withheld as compensation, in accordance with the price for the additional period would have been willing to pay. The assertion further damages remains unaffected.

maildrop24 agrees to the customer the rental counter status for the period agreed in a contract to use suitable condition for use alone. Maildrop24 is not obliged to hire the case to another location to send maildrop24 doing it yet, so at the risk and expense of the customer. The lease agreement is for a definite period and is closed before the end of the time neither party properly notice. The right of termination for good cause remains unaffected.
Domicile Service

With the commissioning of domicile Service (Virtual Office), the customer buys the right, during the contract period in commercial transactions (on letterhead, web content, web pages, etc.) by maildrop24 made available to address as a domicile address. This includes the power to the home address for all business applications and registration requests (such as business registration, tax registration, register entries from people trafficking and corporations) as a business address. The customer has independently to ensure that the use of maildrop24 made available domicile address the commercial, tax and other legal or factual conditions for the reception or continuation of its business activities or may target the commercial register registrations or other approvals are met, maildrop24 this can no liability. The client commits himself at the end of the contract period all applications and registrations, which are in connection with the home address have been, delete or modify and beyond maildrop24 expressly prohibited any further use of the home address. If the customer this obligation is not immediately after maildrop24 entitles the competent authorities about to set in motion.
Postal Service

If maildrop24 mail sent to the customers, so maildrop24 directs them to a designated by him to address further or detain them for pickup. Maildrop24 ensure the provision of appropriate equipment and information to the appropriate service provider that all shipments made to the above address, is reliable. For any mistakes of others, such as Deutsche Post AG, can maildrop24 no liability.
The forwarding to the customer depending on the agreed performance. Will the post this on the express instruction of the customer, because of a power of attorney granted Post, maildrop24 opened, it ensures maildrop24 strictest secrecy, discretion and to comply with all data protection legislation. All employees of maildrop24 are contractually bound to secrecy and in the Post Act and secret letter has been received. The customer has to examine whether even one of his power of attorney granted Post and the opening of postal standesrechtlich admissible. When forwarding the Post is always only the timely and correct, or redirect transmission owed.
As a representative of postal customers for the acceptance of mail, takes maildrop24 all postal, and the letter as Personal expelled consignments can maildrop24 only with a signed power of attorney to receive mail. maildrop24 is only entitled to the letters of the customer to open when a completed and signed power of attorney post. In that regard, changing arrangements, maildrop24 is only required to post or to accept packages provided by commercial courier services are delivered. The customer is obligated each, for him, of maildrop24 forwarded mail and package shipment to accept his (company) names is addressed.
Agreed packages ready for pickup must be within 30 days after receipt to be picked up otherwise, a storage fee of € 4.00 per m³ and week by the Oporto deducted from the customer's credit is due. 60 days after the adoption of the packages at the expense of the customer back to the sender sent and the postage fees from the bank deducted by the customer. If the sender can not be ascertained, it maildrop24 to identify a sender entitled to the mission to open. Where the opening of a sender noted maildrop24 picks either the instruction of the sender, or send packages to the extent it is not hazardous shipments, back. For mail with hazardous contents maildrop24 is entitled to the sender at the expense of the mission to destroy or sell. Can not determine sender, the content maildrop24 must be made in accordance with § 419, paragraph 3 of the Commercial Code also destroy or dispose of. Any claims of customers remain unaffected.
maildrop24 receive packages up to the maximum size of 100 x 60 x 60 cm and up to a weight of 31.5 kg and expects a crowd of up to max. 70 letters and 10 packets / packet (per month per customer). If the volume more than 15% above the customer is required to attend an inquiry maildrop24 to, maildrop24 reserves to clarify that the services offered in whole or in part at any time.
Forwarded mail sent by the mandated transit service is not installed could be returned to maildrop24. If the reason is an incorrect or invalid address of the customer is entitled maildrop24 about the shipment, at its expense after due discretion, and others Also sell or destroy.
maildrop24 is responsible for the content of letters, packages, parcels, telex, communications, etc., which maildrop24 on behalf of the customer dispatched, edited or forwarded not responsible. Not to be adopted programmes whose transport or storage of dangerous goods national or international rules recognizable subject or their transport and storage with special obligations. If such a shipment still in the scheme of maildrop24 reach maildrop24 is entitled to the further processing at any time or any subsequent additional reasonable fee to be collected by the customer. If the customer payment of such Zusatzentgeltes, or has reasonable grounds for suspecting that the shipment over to a consignment above, it is maildrop24 entitled to the return shipment, or for pickup by the customer pay geg ready .
maildrop24 there is a period of 24 hours for the processing of incoming mail to the electronic forwarding by e-mail. Short-term delays due to capacity limits in a maildrop24 not to be represented and not predictable post increased revenue are reserved.
Transfer of risk

The danger stems from the customer as soon as the shipment to the transport company executive has been transferred or for pick-up at the premises of the requester. If the dispatch at the request of the customer delayed, the risk with the message of readiness to him.
Customs clearance

If a package of customs clearance is necessary, absolutely in advance, with maildrop24 to agree. The customer is responsible for providing a complete and accurate documentation. maildrop24 act in the name and on behalf of the customer. The maildrop24 notified dispatch service provider occurs in the implementation of customs clearance, to the extent not otherwise agreed, on behalf of the customer. The customer says and agree that the transit service providers, solely for the purpose of designating a customs freight forwarder for the implementation of customs clearance, as the recipient of the package can be. Maildrop24 accepts no responsibility for customs clearance of consignments, especially in special education, import or customs provisions of a transit or destination country, unless maildrop24, against separate pay, at the request of the customer for that purpose.

If any duties, taxes, fines, storage fees or other expenses in connection to measures imposed by the customs authorities, or become due or because of the failure of the customer or the recipient, adequate documentation or in connection with the dispatch requisite permits or licenses has not been submitted, the amount due from customers, which is sufficient postage with a credit to prove. If the sum is proving to be inadequate, the customer is responsible for the amount in question to the competent body to be paid.
Responsibility for illegal activities.

All shipments, the carriage against legal or regulatory prohibitions verstößt are excluded from the adoption! Illegal activities are maildrop24 not allowed. If prohibited goods are received, a seizure by the competent authorities. All attorneys' fees, which maildrop24 question to the law against a customer or potential customer to claim shall be borne by the customer.
The customer agrees to that he maildrop24 any facilities or services maildrop24 not illegal, improper or fraudulent purposes or for any purpose by the European Community, the German postal regulations and / or IATA regulations prohibited. The customer also agrees to accept that any use of the available services of maildrop24 with the current European regulations, the rules of the country of origin, local regulations and the laws of the country of destination must be compatible. The customer has any impression in the legal and business transactions to avoid activities prompted by him or by maildrop24 attributable maildrop24 causes were.

Consumers (Civil Code section 13) have a statutory right.
Right of Withdrawal

The customer can have his contract within 7 days without giving reasons in writing (eg, letter, fax, e-mail). The period starts with the receipt of this notification. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation. The withdrawal should be sent to: maildrop24, Holderäckerstr. 8 70499 Stuttgart

Consequences of cancellation

The customer does with the revocation on the use of yet unused fee-based services and has no right to a refund of maildrop24 already paid salary. Can the customer service received in whole or in part, or only in a deteriorated condition, the customer must maildrop24 obliged to pay compensation for the value. Obligations to refund payments from the customer within 14 days after the cancellation.
Customers who at the time of cessation of services by maildrop24 a paid, nor ostanki Porto assets, receive a pro-rata refund of the still unused postage funds. The reimbursement will be paid solely by reference to a German bank account.
Retention of title

Until all claims (including any claims from current account balance), the maildrop24 from any legal grounds against the customer is entitled is entitled maildrop24 all services. Up to comply with the demands maildrop24 keeps the post of the customer (lien) fee.

Unless otherwise agreed, the charges after payment to be paid. maildrop24 is entitled, despite otherwise provided, payments of the customer first on its older debts, and is the customer of the nature of the settlement were made. Are costs and interest incurred, it is maildrop24 entitled to the first payment on the costs, then the interest and finally to the main performance. Payment shall be considered made when maildrop24 on the amount.

Maildrop24 liable for damages - regardless of the legal reason, both contractual and non-contractual nature - only if the damage maildrop24 intentional or grossly negligent or has caused damage to the violation of fundamental contractual obligations (Cardinal obligations). For simply negligent violation of the cardinal obligations, the liability of maildrop24 according to the contractual relationship typical and predictable damage and is also limited to an amount of 100, - € per claim, limited. maildrop24 liable for simple negligence of duties by Cardinal not for indirect losses, especially for lost profits. Any other damage claims will be excluded. This does not apply to violations of life, limb or health, and in the case of property damage. In that regard, the statutory regulations. Also, the liability under the product liability law remains unaffected.
The liability of maildrop24 for property damage, the transmission errors between the client and their customers and employees of the maildrop24 based, is impossible, especially when the customer is not his duty to his injury prevention or mitigation is taken and / or change orders on other than the agreed communication channels transmitted.
The maildrop24 liability for damages caused by failure, impairment or incorrect operation of installations and facilities of third parties - in particular, telecommunications service providers or mail service providers such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Post AG and mobile network operators and service providers - as well as by higher violence were caused, is excluded.
All claims for damages against maildrop24 are within 3 months from knowledge of the circumstances claim by the customer claims. This does not apply to violations of life, limb, health, freedom and liability due intent. As far as the liability of maildrop24 according to the above provisions excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of employees, agents and settlement agents from maildrop24.

For these Terms and Conditions and the legal relationship between the customer and maildrop24 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of CISG.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, this affects the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement. For invalidity of one or more provisions of the applicable statutory provisions.
Changes in the terms and conditions are the customers no later than one week before its entry into force by e-mail. This is instead of attaching the full text of a reference to the address on the Internet, under the new version available is sufficient. If such changes are not within two weeks of notification are contradicted by the customer, the recast as agreed, provided the customer in this e-mail message to the intended meaning of silence out. Within a two-week period from knowledge, the customer beyond the law, the contractual relationship with maildrop24 to terminate. Verbal agreements do not exist. Changes and / or additions to the terms and conditions of its validity must be in written form, unless otherwise agreed individual.
Dissenting The customer will not be accepted.