Price plan & Services

Price plan & Services



Clear - easy - modular


On demand-just order what you need

Your postal mail account will be active in less than 24h!


mail drop

Personal mail forwarding

Various forwarding & online letter management


Business address

Business presence in Germany

Business address & company establishment

Shared office

Your daytime workstation

from € 19,90/ month

incl. VAT, plus Porto

from € 29,90/ month

incl. VAT, plus. Porto

from € 44,90/ month

incl. VAT, plus Porto

from € 12,00/ hour

incl. VAT

mailing address,

mail forwarding,

sort out leaflets

business address

mail forwrding,

sort out leaflets

business address

business registration,

mail forwarding

notice from inbox,

letter scan,

sort out leaflets,

tel./fax number,

voice box & call forwarding





copy mashine

Add-on´s :


scanned letters send by email to you

+ € 19,90/ 40 pages

inkl. VAT.

Own mail box


+ € 9,90/ month

inkl. VAT

Incoming mail notice

scanned envelope to e-mail

+ € 4,90/ 10 SMS/e-mail

inkl. VAT


Shopping in Germany re- packed

+ € 14,90/ box

inkl. VAT , add. Porto

Pick-up Service

Self collection

+ € 10,00/date

inkl. VAT